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Posted on 21st February, 12:57pm

Why Tables and Chairs Matter

When it comes to education, there is often a great deal of emphasis placed on teacher proficiency and the students' ability to memorize and understand. There is more to learning than that, however, and most students learn best by applying themselves in an environment that is conducive to it. 

Effective Learning and the Environment 

A successful learning space is an area that maximizes the instructor's ability to teach, fosters interaction between the teacher and students, and promotes an atmosphere of comfort and alertness. An optimal room is wide, has a practical shape, and has additional compartments, such as breakout areas. 

Feng Shui 

The Chinese term "feng shui" is a philosophy that concerns arranging living spaces in a way that is conducive to the flow of human energy, or qi. In modern Western culture, we often use the principles of feng shui to achieve a "perfect spot." 

The Perfect Spot 

Optimizing modern learning spaces requires challenging the culturally ingrained yet inefficient methods we're most apt to use. The classic grid layout employed in most K-12 schools, for instance, is not ideal, but the education culture is often quite reticent to change. In the business world, where innovation is often welcomed, we've found that a U-shaped configuration for our training room tables and chairs is much more productive. 

Not Just Tables and Chairs 

When designing a learning space, it is paramount that we you not take the choice of tables and chairs for granted. Tables and chairs are tools that have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the learning space. Make each choice with purpose, which means understanding how the table or chairs will affect the ability for teachers to teach and students to learn. 

Many businesses and schools throw money away by purchasing furniture with very little consideration for the role that it plays in daily operations. Furniture selection should involve more than just aesthetics, and those who treat the choice of training room tables and chairs as an investment will find that the dividends extend far beyond the furniture itself.