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Posted on 11th February, 10:00am

Build Your Own Table for the Perfect Office Space

Many professionals are concerned with making the most out of their office space. A comfortable work space promotes productivity, facilitates efficiency, and increases the chances of entering that blissful state of work-related flow. Few things make an office feel more cluttered and cramped than an ill-fitting work table, and not all spaces are shaped the same. Finding a desk with the perfect dimensions is sometimes impossible. One great solution to this problem is to build your own table with the unique needs of your work space in mind.

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Posted on 21st February, 12:57pm

Why Tables and Chairs Matter

When it comes to education, there is often a great deal of emphasis placed on teacher proficiency and the students' ability to memorize and understand. There is more to learning than that, however, and most students learn best by applying themselves in an environment that is conducive to it. 

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